Microsoft OneNote is hands-down one of the best note-taking platforms on the market today. Chances are you already have it installed on your computer if you’re running a Windows machine (just look for its cousins Word, Excel, and PowerPoint if you can’t find it at first). Even for those of us who’ve come to love Macs, OneNote is available for free on the App Store.

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OneNote rounds out the ubiquitous suite of Microsoft’s mainstay Office apps

At its core, OneNote is a free-form canvas that gives you carte blanche to create, format, and organize text, screenshots, tables, and media to your heart’s content, seemingly unencumbered by structure.

As a busy project…

Does your calendar ever look like a game of Tetris? I’d be lying if I said mine doesn’t from time to time.

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Courtesy of Google Images — turns out Calendar Tetris is a thing …

Calendar management is a delicate balancing act that we all deal with on a routine basis. You’re not alone if you’ve asked yourself the following question:

How do I best carve out my workday to not only be there for my team, but also have time left over to accomplish my mission-critical tasks?

While it’s not possible to achieve this ideal balance overnight, I run through a quick three step checklist every time a calendar invite reaches my…

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If you’ve ever found yourself on a conference call from hell, chances are part of it had to do with the fact that you could hear unintended background noise.

Your professionalism can suffer immensely if you’re deemed to be the source of the distraction, especially if your client is taking part. I’ve been on a team in which one such infraction happened to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for the demanding customer at the other end of the line. Not only was the offending colleague taken off the project, his credibility within the organization took a nosedive.

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Today’s most popular web conference platforms are designed to streamline communications and make it easy for attendees to collaborate. Almost all of them have a pane or sidebar that allows you to gauge who’s in attendance at any given time.

Some platforms send notifications when someone enters or exits the call (although you may need to venture into your applications’ Settings to toggle this option).

For Zoom, consider the resources below:

1. Managing attendees and panelists in a webinar

2. Toggling notifications for attendee behavior

With everything else going on in a call, however, you may not be able to…

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Let’s face it, the modern workplace is inundated with information, a veritable Wild West of banners and pings notifying us of a never-ending barrage of emails, asynchronous messages, and meeting requests.

This raises the following questions:

  • How do you get your communications noticed by clients and coworkers?
  • How do you increase the likelihood of your recipients responding to your communications the way you want them to?

My answer: Don’t overlook the specific words you choose to say or write.

For instance, instead of labeling every calendar invite you fire off a meeting, consider these alternatives:

  • Huddle (Great if there are…

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